After I found Jesus back in 2008, I was so inspired with the realization that I was saved by grace, I wanted everyone to know it. I had been rescued by God, and I wanted others to know they could also be freed.

I couldn’t find any fun and stylish clothing to express my faith and love for Jesus. For years, I have searched for fun, fashionable Christian clothing and jewelry, and for years I’ve been let down. I wanted to wear the Bible, and it did not exist. People like to express themselves, especially when they have strong emotions toward something.

So I started making my own clothes and jewelry. I had fun creating one-of-a-kind statement pieces. I’d sew crosses and hearts onto sweaters, jackets, and purses. I used permanent markers to write scripture designs on my clothing. I wanted to proclaim the gospel and love of Christ from the inside out. They were conversation starters. This was the foundation for Jesus Freak Apparel.   

I am passionate about reading, studying, and proclaiming the Word of God, and that is why Jesus Freak Apparel, is a proud supporter of Compassion International and Klove Christian radio. Compassion International releases children from poverty around the world in Jesus’ name. Klove provides positive and encouraging stories from other Christians and inspiring music through Christian radio, which is broadcast around the world for all to hear about Jesus.

Ten percent of your purchase is passed along to these organizations and promotes the Good News for all to hear.

Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in healthy child development through sponsorship by developing spiritual, physical, social and economic needs. Children are taught hygiene and receive supplemental meals. They play games, go to school, and learn all about Jesus. They exchange letters with their sponsors and share their prayer requests. My husband and I have three Compassion kids and it is such a joy exchanging letters with them and watching them grow strong in Jesus' love. For more information please visit:

Klove is a positive and encouraging radio station that inspires listeners to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus. I know it inspired me! It was through Klove's music that I fell in love with Jesus and became saved through Him. I took the Klove 30-day challenge to listen to nothing but Christian music for 30 days, and I haven't stopped listening since. It's been nine years now. Klove is broadcast world-wide. For more information and stations in your area please visit:

Thanks for visiting my store and taking time to read my story. I live in the heart of Virginia with my husband James. I have bachelor degrees in business and psychology. I have worked in non-profits, served on non-profit boards of directors, and volunteered for many different organizations. I am so blessed to combine my life experience, chance encounter and relationship with Jesus, passion for writing and encouraging others, and my creative need to “wear the Bible” to profess my faith to launch Jesus Freak Apparel. Thank you for stopping by.

Mission: To cultivate and inspire a community of believers, to express their love for Jesus, through apparel and literature.

Recovering Sinner - Adopted by Christ - Saved by Grace