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Reading the Bible in a year has never been easier! In just twenty minutes a day, you will know what most don't. The Jesus Freak Bible-reading plan combines readings from both the Old and New Testaments daily. Learn to journal your way through the Bible using the SOAP method of reading and applying Scriptures to your daily life.

Following a designated reading program is important for accountability, discipline, and instruction in God's Word. Spending time with Jesus is a life-changing experience.

Give God your best! If you're a morning person, schedule your daily readings in the morning. If you're a night person, then set aside time at night to spend with Jesus. Whenever you are at your best is the perfect time to read the Bible. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the Bible as God captures your heart and reminds you of all His promises. Enjoy the journey!


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Linda Davis Jan 7th 2018

Bible reading plan

I'm so excited for what God is going to teach me! I've never read the whole bible and this is a guide for me. I love the pages for application and prayer! I can't wait to finish and be able to look at all the things God taught me and to see the growth throughout the year!

Ann Marie H Oct 29th 2017

Jesus Freak BIble Reading Plan

I have read the bible many times over the years but have never found a easier way to do it. This book gives you a list of verses to read each day of the year. The book then gives you a page for each day of the year to document the main scripture, what you see in the scripture, how you will change or grow based on those scriptures, and finally a prayer for that day. It could not make reading the bible any easier but more importantly, gives you the tools to take what you read and apply the words to your life. What a great way for everyone to gain a deeper and more personal understanding of God's words.

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