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Jesus Freak: Becoming One in the Utah Desert

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Come on an encouraging adventure in the middle of the Utah desert where God took away my complacent heart, and replaced it with a new compassionate one. This book came about as I began journaling through my Utah experiences and the feelings that I had of living and loving God in a place where it appeared others didn't. I was living in a paradox among the Mormons, and life was difficult, beautiful, crazy, joyful, sad, happy, but also peaceful.

This book details my four-and-a-half-year journey through the land of Utah where I experienced a culture unbeknownst to me as well as my quest to understand and to know the saving love that is the Christ. This is my story of becoming a "Jesus freak."

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Mark Jun 22nd 2018

Becoming one in Utah

I was blessed to not only have read this book but to meet Sandy personally. The book really does a great Job of painting everyday life issues we have in our faith and how to resolve it. Or not. I like the fact that Sandy found herself so in need of God. Not because her husband or family were born again. Not that their were many Christians around her but just the opposite. She really noticed the need for Jesus when she was most alone. In a non christian community. But not only non, in a community that professes faith and really had none! One huge thing I really learned was that this book pointed out the ways of the Mormon church in contrast to my faith in Jesus and the Christian community. And it pointed out what is not by any stretch of the imagination even remotely christian within the Mormon church. Sandy seemed to be very factual in this. I do wish she may have done more on the contrast of the two faiths.

Gregg and Sue Nov 1st 2017

Becoming One in the Utah Desert

Our lives are a journey. .. sometimes lost, sometimes found, sometimes confused, sometimes at peace and sometimes in turmoil. In this book, you will share all of these feelings. Believers in Christ refer to their life as a Christian journey and some simply walk the walk, while others walk the walk and talk the talk. In the book, encompassing a part of Sandy's journey, she shares her experience in the walk AND in the talk with a great emphasis using scripture as her solid foundation We are called as believers in Christ to love and to share; at times this is most difficult, as Sandy has experienced. But when difficult times are covered by God's love and grace, the power and forgiveness of God are fully revealed. Life is interesting in that it shows us that while we think that we know where we are, we come to find that we've been lost.. Maybe, a long, lonely walk in the desert is needed to OPEN OUR EYES to see and believe that our LOVING GOD NEVER leaves us alone. Enjoy this book, as we did, and may your journey be BLESSED . Walk on!

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