What is a Jesus Freak?

A definition of a freak is “a rarity.” If you’ve ever followed Jesus, you’re sure to come across this realization. Any follower of Jesus is going against the popularity of the world’s view—a freak in his or her own right. Even when it seems the world claims to be Christian, the fruit-producing followers are persecuted daily; they are an anomaly.

To me, a Jesus freak is someone who is “a recovering sinner adopted by Christ and saved by grace.” It’s that simple. One who is completely enamored with the love, joy, and peace that comes from knowing Jesus. They’ve got the joy bankrolled and can pull it out daily when opposition strikes. Let’s break it down by definition and Biblically of what “a recovering sinner adopted by Christ and saved by grace” really looks like.

Recovering Sinner

A sinner is “one who commits immoral acts that go against God’s rules.” A recovering sinner is “one who is trying to stop and overcome those acts of sin.” The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:30 that for our benefit, Jesus made us right with God and freed us from our sins. We who accept Jesus are recovering sinners. I sin every day; we all do, but I have hope and a changed heart from God to do better each day.

Adopted by Christ

Adopting is “a process that one does by choice, to accept formally and take up something as his own.” Christ is His title and His name. Jesus Christ already chose us; He is waiting for us to choose Him. The Bible says in Galatians 4:5 that God sent Jesus as the payment for our freedom from sins, and we could be adopted as His own children. God’s work and God’s plan for us to be adopted as His children through Jesus is found in Ephesians 1:5. Adopted by Christ and given into a family of believers.

Saved by Grace

Saved means “to be rescued from the consequences of sin.” Grace is “the unearned love of God.” The Bible says in Ephesians 2:8 and 9 that through grace— the unearned love of God, we have been saved—rescued from our sin by our faith in Jesus alone. Defined by the Bible, I am “a recovering sinner, adopted by Christ, and saved by grace.” Ephesians 1:4-7 pulls this altogether. Jesus, whose blood was shed for our sins, chose us to be adopted through Him according to God’s love through grace.

We are set apart and already different for choosing to follow Jesus. As Jesus freaks, we wear our heart on our sleeve. We are letters from Christ for all to see. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 3:2, 3 that we believers are letters from Christ, written not with ink, but with the Holy Spirit captured in our hearts. It is for these reasons that Jesus freaks are the living letters from God. We follow Jesus’ heart—not our own. We stand out, step up, and proclaim God’s goodness. I can see another believer easily. He or she usually has a sparkle in the eyes that only God gives. Who wouldn't want to be a Jesus Freak?